Thursday, October 14, 2010

Diet Coke, Voting, and Jury Duty

First things first. Going gangbusters on my DCCR program (I'm getting tired of typing out Diet Coke Consumption Reduction).

I want to not be affilliated with any one particular political party.

Unfortunately, in Ohio that means you can't vote for candidates in primaries because in Ohio primaries you have to choose one of the following: a Democratic ballot, a Republican ballot, or an issues only ballot. There is a way for other parties to get candidates on the ballot in a primary, but I can't remember how it works. If they are successful, then there may be a Green Party ballot or a Libertarian ballot, etc. Anyway, during the last primary, I voted an issues-only ballot even though I really wanted Hillary Clinton to be president. I think she would have rocked. One of the benefits of such an action is a decided lack of robo-calls.

Anyway, my (w)holistic global view does not align with any one party. I'm somewhat of a social liberal on many issues, but not all. I'm a fiscal conservative. I'm neither a hawk or a dove. Blah, blah, blah. I have a candidate yard sign for a U.S. Senate candidate who lost in a close race 2 years ago. Rhett has met him several times, talked with him about relevant topics, shared with me those conversations, and I have decided I think he is the best candidate for the job. Someone keeps tearing down the yard sign. This behavior disgusts me.

I want to get a yard sign supporting the attorney general's re-election campaign because, well, I support him; I think he's the best person for the job. These 2 people are in different parties. I think it will confound people driving by yard.

I want to get 1000 yard signs made that say "Vote the person, not the party." That's my political statement. Can you imagine how fun politics would be without political parties? Ordinary people would have a decent shot at winning office. Go Everyman (and Everywoman!)!

My 28 years of voting have finally paid off. I've been called for jury duty. I WANT to get seated. I don't care if it's a tax evasion case. I love it that our country gives the accused the right to a trial and judgment by a jury of his/her peers. The USA rocks. I should be down to 5 ounces of diet coke a day by Jury Duty Day 1.

Ta for now!

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  1. Good job on the DCCR. I served on jury duty and wanted to get selected...never did. :-( Thought it would be interesting. I agree with everything political you just said. We are on the same page with all of it!


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