Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogger in a fogger

Something is wrong with Google Blogger. It's having a cookie issue, as far as I can tell, and it won't let me upload images to my blog.

So, let me just update you via text that I'm still below the aimline on my DCCR program. Today was 20 ounces. It gets tricky from here on out because I have to practice some serious will power by dumping a bit of my 20 ounce bottle of diet coke at some point during the drinking of it.

Family home evening (FHE) was a lesson on prayer and then pumpkin carving. In my 30 second lesson on prayer, I mentioned that the only thing prayer and pumpkins have in common is that they both begin with 'P.' Perfectly appropriate lesson for a preschooler, I think.

I have pictures, but as you can tell, I've come full circle. I can't upload them due to my Blogger problem.

I shall try again tomorrow, with pictures of my Christmas mystery quilt project, as well.

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