Thursday, February 24, 2011

lesson learned

Rice crispies treat are not easy to cookie-cut...

 but I did it. I think I've mentioned before that I'm room mom for BonnieBlue's preschool class. The V-day party was a week or so ago (I've been sick, hence the lateness of this entry), and I was in charge of games/activities. So, first up, which I didn't take pix of, was "Pin the Puff on the Heart." I'm not very creative, and 4-year-olds are hard to corral, so this is the best I could do: a big paper heart with hearts drawn inside, each with a student's name on it. First, they had to point to their name (a bit of literacy, yay for me), and then I gave them a foam heart with a white puff glued to it, and blindfolded, they were to "pin" (it had double-sided tape on it) the heart on their name. Only I forgot the blind fold (that was the first day I was's been awhile). So, it wasn't as challenging/fun/interesting as I thought. They did enjoy decorating the rice crispies treats, though.

I made them with strawberry-flavored pink marshmallows and when they had set up, cut them with cookie cutters into heart shapes. That was hard! My hand hurt after about 5. I took them in with the supplies you can barely see in the background of the picture. Tube icing and those (nasty-tasting) conversation hearts. Then we wrapped them in a pretty bag to take home. Good 5-minute activity.

And now a picture of BonnieBlue because my blog is better with pix of her.

She's "reading" a new book we bought, Ponyella, to her baby. It's a take on Cinderella, only the pony is the poor maligned soul and the prince is a princess looking for a new pony. There are even diamond-studded horseshoes to stay true to the original. I highly recommend it for horse-crazy emergent readers.

Well, after a visit to the minute-clinic, I've taken my first dose of amoxycillin, so here's to feeling better in 24 hours!

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  1. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I always thought those would be hard to cut. Do you think you could spoon the stuff inside a cookie cutter before it sets up? Would be tedious. Hope you are back on your feet again soon!


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