Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ironing Board

Geez, I feel old. I got this ironing board cover shortly after Rhett and I got married.

Wait. That's not right. Rhett got this ironing board cover shortly after we got married. Or maybe he already had it. It's his ironing board, after all. I did not iron for what was probably the first 8 years of our marriage. Or many years prior to that. But he did. His shirts. His pants. He once asked me if I ironed sheets. I think I blew soda out of my nose. He can iron a dress shirt in 7 minutes. The things they teach in the Marine Corps. Ooo-rah.

I didn't start ironing until I started quilting. It sort of infected me, that ironing thing.

So anyway, this old ratty ironing board cover has been bugging me for at least 2 years. Why oh why does it bug me to spend money on stuff like this?! But, I finally did.

It's nice not having to avoid spots on the board. Now I have to start thinking about an iron. I've had 2 die in just a few months (yes, we have/had 3 irons). You would think Mama Pea's iron review would be helpful, but buying an iron is Rhett's department. Our irons? 2 Rowentas and an Oreck (free with purchase of the vacuum!). We're down to one Rowenta.

Stay tuned for the next post. I made the best and easiest comfort food dinner EVER!

On another note: I had my laptop 'serviced' at work this week and ta-da! Blogger is letting me post more than one picture. I do believe this will mean more frequent posts.

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  1. Yeah! More frequent posts! I love your new ironing board. I'm the same way...hate spending money on them and LOVE having them (same goes for the cover). Congrats! I just saw someone bought a new Rowenta Steam something (not the kind I have but a "hand held" model) and really loves it. Can't go wrong with a good Rowenta if you ask me.

    I still hate ironing. I love pressing my blocks, however!


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