Sunday, August 21, 2011

Give-away at the Intrepid Thread

One of the few blogs that I follow, Jackie's Art Quilts, is 'hosting' a give-away from The Intrepid Thread (this is a tad complicated for simple-minded me) and one of the rules to enter is to become of follower of The Intrepid Thread.  I typically will not enter a give-away if the giver requires me to follow him/her. My time is extremely valuable (to me) and so I don't want to follow 'just anybody' (hence, I follow very few blogs). I made an exception for this site. First, I LOVE the fabric being given away (I can totally envision a quilt for BonnieBlue),

and she has an etsy shop and posts discounts at her blog. Today, 20% off fabrics. Nice. Visit the Intrepid Thread at And, of course, visit Jackie.


  1. Great blog to follow! I'm the same way. I often won't follow just for a giveaway, so I don't ask people to do it on mine either. Both Julie and Jackie are great, though. I follow both!


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