Friday, July 8, 2011

stuffed cookies

The Picky Palate is one of a few cooking blogs I stalk, albeit not too often, mostly because during the time I was a new and regular follower, a lot of her posts were "treats." When I review her recipes overall, that is not the case, but my impression at the time was definitely "If I make and eat even half the stuff she blogs about, I'm going to get fat(ter)!"

Also, in one recent post she writes, "It has been so much fun seeing my stuffed cookies being made around the web." I was reading another blog a few months ago who made a somewhat veiled reference to the copycatter who was posting "stuffed cookies" even though she was the first to blog about stuffed cookies. Both women seem to believe that they invented the "stuffed cookie"; however, a Google search of "stuffed cookies" brings up entries from as early as 2005. There are likely some earlier than that but I had to stop searching because I have to get some work done during my day.

I get kind of annoyed at bloggers who think they "invented" or "created" something original and then get really protective of it. I mean, come on. What are the chances that NOBODY ever did/made/thought of that particular item EVER before?!
Anyhoo, I bring up stuffed cookies because I did actually make Picky Palate's oreo-stuffed cookies for Rhett and couple of other men whom I respect for Father's Day. The wow factor (not from Rhett, who is not easily impressed) was impressive. I will make these again.

Easy directions: Make your favority chocolate chip cookie recipe (Some people say that if you use a recipe with butter, it won't work as well as a recipe with shortening; 'bah!' I say. I don't eat cookies made with shortening, so I just added a tad more flour to the recipe). Place an oreo on a small scoop of cookie dough and place a small scoop of cookie dough on top of the oreo, smush, seal, and bake per cookie recipe directions (usually 350 degrees for 11 min).

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