Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunshine and flowers

The sunshine is really helping with the depression I've been feeling of late. It's still cold here in central OH, but I can deal with it as long as I don't have the battle gray days, too. We went to COSI Saturday to see a dolphin movie on the Extreme Screen (some 67 feet tall!), and Scott's Lawn Care was hosting a theme day at the Center. They were giving away little flower greenhouses. BonnieBlue got a zinnia that we planted Sunday morning. I forgot to take pix, but I'll try to remember to today so we can track its growth. I love zinnias.

Last week I posted on facebook about the difficulty of being a Buckeye hosting a party because of the lack of appetizing scarlet and gray food. Now that the Bucks lost, I don't need to worry about hosting a party. Not that I would have. But sometimes it's nice to think about.

BonnieBlue's birthday came and went, relatively fulfilling for her (I think). I have a friend who moved to Atlanta within the past year, and in keeping with the "Gone With the Wind" theme, she'll be known as Aunt Piddy. You know who you are.

Aunt Piddy sent BonnieBlue a birthday card. Quite the involved birthday card. It had a princess theme with little windows you could open that held glittery stickers that you can use to decorate little cardboard jewelry. She also tucked 2 sheets of princess stickers into the card that also had a laminated pull-out background to put the stickers on.  BonnieBlue is crazy for stickers.

I would like for Aunt Piddy to consider this an official "shout out" thank you. You see, part of my self-directed therapy for my current depression is taking some things off my own plate, and thank you cards are one of the items coming off my to-do list for awhile. I still haven't finished the Christmas ones. I can't wait till BonnieBlue is old enough to write her own. Anyway, thanks Aunt Piddy, for loving our little BB like one of your own. It means a great deal to us. 

Another fun thing that Rhett did this month was bring home a huge box from the hospital and told BB they were going to make a barn. So last week (maybe 2 weeks ago?) they painted it red.

 She took her job very seriously.

So did Rhett. He needs to learn that letting a 4-year-old paint means there will be some mess. After this shot, he cut doors in and figured out a roof. I was told that it's my job to paint the white trim. Maybe after it gets a bit warmer!


  1. Glad you are feeling better! The sunshine does help! I have been feeling better, too, because of it. But it is really cold here, too. Cute photos!

  2. Aunt Piddy acknowledges the thank you and glad she liked it. Excited to see her.


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