Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jackie's Art Quilts fabric give-away

I am amusing myself by signing up for give-aways on blogs that I find through my friend, Mama Pea at peas-in-a-pod. The amusing part is that the bloggers doing the give-away ask that you blog about the give-away on your blog, but Mama Pea is the only regular reader so there's some kind of internal blog cycle going on with this approach. Poor bloggers aren't really getting anything 'value-added' from me. Mama Pea was on a win streak to envy a few months ago; it seemed like everyday she was posting about a give-away she won. If I were her, I would have booked tickets for Vegas and headed west. But she's responsible and has a job, hubby, and kid and all. Plus, she quilts or crafts like, EVERYDAY! I'm lucky if it get to it once a month. Anyway, her streak inspired me, so I entered the give-away, hence I'm blogging about it.

It's Jackie's blog-i-versary (one year) at Jackie's Art Quilts (kudos to Jackie for a pithy blog title) so she's giving away some fabric to some lucky winner. She has a laudable goal, also: to get 150 followers. I dig art quilts, though I prefer folk art quilts (along the lines of Gee's Bend quilts), so I'm going to follow for awhile to see what she's up to. Here's the fabric:

It sure is purty.

Blogger is acting up again, allowing only one picture per blog entry, so this is the one picture I get. I wonder what I did this time. Of course, you get what you pay for.

I do have a URL that I bought years ago for about $9 and have been renewing every year. It's called I'm a behavior analyst (in the loosest sense of the word) and had this idea when I was hired for my first job post-ph.d. in academia to do a podcast making behavior analysis accessible to the masses. Ha. That was before I realized that (a) there is no time during your first few year as an assistant professor to do ANYTHING other than teach and write, and (b) it would do nothing to help me gain tenure. My idea: 15 minute conversations with other behavior analysts talking about common behavior scenarios (in school, at work, at home) and some succinct explanations of why they might be happening and how maybe to "fix" them. But really, it's not that easy. Behavior is never that easy. But I still have hope that it might work. But now it's a post-tenure kind of thing - see (b) above.

So, since I can't add any cute pictures of my child, I shall end here. Ta for now, reader(s).


  1. I like looking at your pictures and reading the blog. Very cute one of reading to her doll. Miss her.

  2. Actually, I think you have a new reader! Jackie e-mailed me and told me that she thinks you are really a good writer and that you are hilarious. I think she's regularly reading your blog! I told her you'd probably appreciate the friendship! Jackie is a real doll and is from Canada, in case you didn't know. So, now you have an international readership. Your follower is her. She told me. :-)

  3. I know! She emailed me, too! I'm excited. You'd think it would have motivated me to post more, but life just gets away from me.


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