Sunday, August 8, 2010

Going the other way

Today Rhett and I went to IKEA. He was in a rebellious mood, so we went through the store backwards. Not walking backwards. We started at the steps that go downstairs and went against the grain, walking the opposite way of the arrows on the floor and 99.9% of the other shoppers. Every once in awhile, he would point to an arrow on the floor and say something like "What are these arrows for?" really loudly. I was both amused and embarrassed.

We bought 2 flexible red cutting boards (to mask the blood), a 4-pack of dishtowels, their delicious ginger cookies, and a wooden step stool (needs assembled) for our Bonnie-Blue.

We ate in the cafeteria. The swedish meatballs are surprisingly good. I think their chocolate mousse cake might very well be the best I've ever had. Their swiss apple cake and mashed red potatoes are not so good, and the buffalo chicken wrap was bad. Rhett said that the lignonberry juice he added to his diet pepsi was nasty, but the jelly that came with the meatballs was tasty.

So here's the thing about IKEA. It's a place to buy relatively crappy furniture that you have to find, load, and assemble yourself. And people love it! Sure, some hate it, especially those who have tried to get missing parts (you can't), but you'd never know we're in a recession if you spend a Saturday at one of these stores. You know why? Because they have lots of kind of cool stuff!

And they have these "pods" of living spaces, fully furnished, that look kind of cool. I mean, I have no decorating sense what-so-ever, so that might be why I like the stuff. Seriously, an IKEA-decorated room in my house--any room in my house--would be a 100% improvement over what we have going on. Ours is best described as poor-college-student-make-do-with-whatever-you-can-find-shabby-but-not-quite-chic. And we haven't been in college for quite awhile.

I tire of our "decor." If Rhett were to die tomorrow, the first thing I do after the funeral is hire a decorator and spend part of the insurance money make this place comfy-cozy. Why not now? Not a priority for Rhett.

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