Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I thought I would know today when my surgery is going to be scheduled but apparently, the scheduler will call me tomorrow.

No news is definitely not good news.

So here's what I've been chewing on for the past hour or so.

I have been told by my HR director that, after surgery, I am not allowed to work until the doctor gives the okay that I can return to work. Hence, it is highly likely that I will be on leave during finals week and when grades are due. So I ask you this: Who is going to grade all those end-of-quarter projects and final exams, and then who is going to enter grades?


  1. Someone can do it for you. That's what your colleagues are for. Let them help you! ;-) Oh yeah, or a good doc student! ;-)

  2. Did you find out today? And have you figured out how to manage the end of school year stuff? Been thinking about you, sending prayers and hugs.

  3. Good thing you have colleagues standing by to help. You don't want flowers, I know, but how about some labor?


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