Friday, April 20, 2012


Most people who know me know that I am not afraid to share just about anything regarding my life.

I have not kept it a secret that I was getting a biopsy today, mostly because verbally processing helps me adjust and adapt. Especially to potentially tragic scenarios.

So, beware, this post may be too much information.

For those special friends and colleagues who prayed for me today and/or who sent good thoughts and energy my way, so far it worked. My biopsy wasn't ANYTHING like the one I had 10 years ago. Ten years ago I had a core biopsy (spring loaded gun shooting into my chest wall; see previous post). Today I had a stereotactic biopsy.

For those who like to stop right here, I'll just tell you this. I left the Breast Center practically euphoric at the lack of pain.  Mind you, I'm not oblivious to the bomb that may drop on my head; it's just that I'm not brooding about it. It is what it is. And I'll find out what it is next week. So, do keep the prayers, and positive thoughts and energy, coming my way. Please.

For those curious about a stereotactice biopsy you can read about it here or read on. I'm about to tell you. AND I have pictures!

First, here's the "gun."

 Picture quality is bad. I forgot my camera and had to use my cell phone. Sorry. But for reference sake, the tech holding that gun is a petite thing. That mama-jammer is big!

It was the results of the two Valium I took that got me on this table. Heavenly Father helped a bit, too, I must admit. I have another picture with my ticking time boob (TTB) hanging through the opening in the table that in this shot you cannot see. I spared you that. You're welcome.

The first thing the radiologist did was shoot some Lidocaine into the TTB. Yay! I little pin-prick, and I felt no pain through the entire process. God bless modern medicine.

There's a modified mammogram machine under the table. It was used to guide the needle for the stereotactic biopsy. Seriously, God bless modern medicine. This was an entirely different process than the core biopsy. I assume they still do those, but thank goodness my little spots made that procedure inappropriate.

After the procedure, they took me into the room with this monster. Those of you who have had your mammograms will recognize Mr. Smasher. Mr. Pancake. Mr. Flatten-Me-Silly. You pick.

That cloth is the sanitizing wipe. This mammo was not like the screening one. This one was just to make sure they could see the little titanium clip ("the size of an eyelash" eveyone kept saying) that they implanted in order to reference it in later mammograms. So I wasn't flattened beyond the threshold that most women find not only excruciating but plain bizarre.

So, if you didn't think there was too much information (TMI) before, how's this?

See the little circle? It's highlighting that little titanium clip.

I am well on my way, I guess, to becoming a cyborg.

I will post again what the outcome of the biopsy is, probably on Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks again for all your wonderful thoughts, well wishes, prayers, and kind words. It really does help.


  1. I have been out of town and am catching up on blogs. I'm reading in reverse order, so this was a shocker to me. I'm glad the procedure is over, but I'll wait anxiously to hear the results. I'm thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. Hang in there, kid!

  2. I had alot of pain, they had to numb it twice and I still had so much pain tears ran down my face. I had the biopsy Wednesday, it is Friday and I am having bad stinging pain. Is it normal to have so much pain?I have had breast cancer and where they did this biopsy was close to the scar from 3 years ago. I have the clips.


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