Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yay for me!

So much good news!

First, and most important, tomorrow will mark two weeks that I have been diet coke free.
I estimate I have saved $15 (at least).  If I remain d.c. free for the whole year, I will likely have saved about $1,000. But I'm also betting that I will lose that tenacious 20 lbs. I do still have a nagging headache, even two weeks later. Ibuprofen doesn't help. I remember 14 years ago, when I gave up coffee, the headache lasted about 2 months. So, I'm looking forward to March.

Second bit of big news: It looks like I have earned promotion and tenure at OSU! It's not certain until July, when the Board of Trustees votes, but I've been told that their vote is a rubber stamp, and that the letter I received from my dean yesterday is the clincher. It's not official until October 2012, when I earn both the raise and the title of Associate Professor.

And yes, you read the above correctly. It's more important to me that I've been diet coke free than that I now have a job jor life. I think the first is going to go a long way to lengthening my life and second to shortening it.

I'm a happy camper today!


  1. Hey, congrats to you on both! I have been diet Coke free all day far. That's all I can say.

    There was never any doubt in my mind about your promotion and tenure. Good for you! I am so happy for you! Make sure Rhett takes you out for a big, fat, expensive dinner now!

  2. Caffeine headaches are the worst! I quit coffee when I was pregnant. The smell made me nauseous so it wasn't hard, except for the headache. Now I mix my ground coffee half regular and half decaf.

    Congratulations on tenure and promotion!!

  3. Congrats on both! I made the mistake of quitting both my diet Dr. Pepper habit AND Excedrin habit in one week...holy headache batman. lol


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