Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodies in the Mail & Little Forest Quilt Along

Last week, Alamosa Quilter informed me that I won her first give away! I found Alamosa Quilter via my friend, Mama Pea, and her blog. Alamosa Quilter is also participating in the Little Forest Quilt Along that I'm enjoying.

I was expecting the delivery of my 'win' to be a "squishy package" (what Mama Pea calls packages that have fabric or other items she won or ordered or are a part of her design team projects), so I wasn't even excited when I got the smallish box and opened it, thinking it would my new phone cover/case I had just ordered. Much to my delight, I pulled out this!

This is a beautiful knitted pot holder or mug rug. Why oh why does it have to be so pretty! I'm not going to want to use it because I'm not going to want to get anything on it! It actually will come in handy. I drink tall cups of ice water while I'm crafting, so this will be nice to sit the cup on to catch the sweat.

Here, though, is what came in that package that really tripped my trigger!

A pin cushion thread catcher made with the most beautiful fabrics of the most beautiful shade of blue EVER! Wow.  It's wrinkled in the pic so it doesn't look nearly as good here as I see it in real life hanging from my craft table.


Thank you, Alamosa Quilter Lynn! You rock! This was my first blog give away win; hopefully, it won't be my last, but if it is - well worth it!

In Little Forest Quilt Along news, I've finished cutting the trees. I almost forgot about the "blank" blocks I need. I will have to do those another day. But here are my trees waiting to be pieced.

I have to sew half the trees to be on track for this week. I was going to do that tonight, but I'm beat. It looks like it might be tedious, but I'm grateful to Mama Pea who posted a video tutorial of the process here. This is the only way I'll be able to do it right the first time. I have enough cut out to make 16 trees so I have to sew 8 of them. I haven't sketched out my design yet (and really wasn't planning to), but if there aren't enough, I was thinking I might add something to the other blocks. If I do it, it will be a surprise so I won't say what now, but it could be really cute if I can pull it off.

And because one of my readers only peruses for pictures of Bonnie Blue, here is one from before vacation - specifically before I cut her hair. I'll blog about that another day, but isn't she just all full of vim and vigor here?! Cracks me up.


  1. I'm so glad you like it both items! For some reason I have been crocheting these things like crazy. Sometimes I just need something portable to do with my hands and I don't really like hand applique. So I crochet. But I can't commit to a big project. LOL!

  2. I love those little crocheted things - I can't bare to use mine either. It's just too pretty. Thanks for following me. I finally found you and I'm following you too.! :-)

    I'm glad you are doing the Little Forest Quilt Along with us. I didn't make a plan either. I'm just making blocks until I have enough! How's that for being organized?

  3. She is so awesome! I am so glad you won! I love Lynn's thread catchers. She gave me one, too!


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