Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter delayed

I am way behind on posting. Now that the sun is out more consistently, I am feeling much better emotionally/mentally and blogging doesn't seem so much like a burden. So, here is a post with pictures about Easter.

First, egg decorating. At one point when I was talking to BonnieBlue about decorating eggs, I must have said "painting eggs" because she had it stuck in her craw that she would be literally painting eggs, with paint. So, I had to pull out the paint in addition to the dye.

She loved dyeing, too. She was delighted with the different ways to make patterns on the eggs.

The thing about BonnieBlue is that she is so genuinely pleased by gifts. I hope that never goes away; it's a strong incentive not to spoil her. So Easter Sunday was fun for us. She was tickled with her Easter basket.

It was raining that day so the Easter Bunny hid the eggs inside the house.

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  1. She is so cute. Sweet Pea is like that too. Easily pleased. I love that. We had two days in a row of sunshine...yes, count them, two. Now we're back to clouds for the rest of the week. I am still struggling with that!


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