Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Princess Tutu

We're having a bit of a difficult time getting BonnieBlue to sleep in her own bed. Our fault, because we let her go to sleep in our bed with Rhett (who hits the hay early because he gets up so early), and then I move her when I go to bed. Two nights ago we were all going to bed early so we tried to get her to go to sleep in her own bed. She procrastinated like crazy and finally, after about 30 minutes of calling for Mommy, asking for water, whining, etc., she came to us looking like this:

Even though I took the picture 2-3 minutes later, this is exactly the look on her face when she came to us. She KNEW she was being cute and clever!


  1. OMG (sorry, you probably don't like that term), that is sooooo funny!

    There are some good behavior protocols for slowly moving her into her own bedroom. haha.

  2. The 'behavior protocol' we used before Christmas was telling her that Santa didn't like it when she didn't sleep in her own bed. Worked like a charm. Charm wore off the day after Christmas. (BTW, I read "Oh my gosh" when I see "OMG.")


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