Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6 inches isn't big enough!

Sorry for the inuendo in the title...thought I'd try to get some Google traffic. Not.

For my denim quilt, I decided on 2-inch pieces in my 9-patch blocks for no particular reason. Just thought 6" finished squares would be a nice size.

I wanted to put the jeans' pockets as individual blocks, but I just measured and the pockets themselves are larger than 6 inches. I've got a big butt! (Sorry, Pam.)

So here's a new idea...what do you think if I separate the pocket from the back fabric and square that off into a 6-inch square? Then I have the pocket stitch pattern, which should hint at the pocket without actually having a pocket. The drawback is that I don't get to use the label. The other option is that I just don't use the pockets. Opinion?

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  1. Haha. ROFLOL. Good one. I was thinking about you today as I did 2.9 miles on the elliptical machine. I was agonizing over your goal of 100 mi in Jan on the treadmill.

    Hmmm...interesting dilemma. Can you take the pockets off, use the 6" blocks and sew the pockets back on after it's pieced? That would be kind of cool. Your pockets could spill across the seam allowances and into other blocks. I like that idea. You could even cut the butt of the jeans at funny angles, so the pockets would go at different angles and overlap the seam allowances different amounts. You cold even make NEW pockets out of cotton fabrics if you wanted to add any more color to the quilt. Just a few thoughts!


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