Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A sweet Christmas present!

This is a cute gift basket I put together for our departmen support staff and coordinator at work.

The idea came to me when I went to the honey lab sale at the university I work at and saw the cute little beehive-shaped honey pot with honey dipper that has a cute little wooden be on the end. CUTE! I added a container of honey, a honey recipe booklet, a tube of beeswax lip balm, a citrus-honey candle, some honey lemon drops, and a bee-stamped notepad. The card has this quotation:

Our treasure lies in the beehive of our knowledge.
We are perpetually on the way thither, being by

nature winged insects and honey gatherers of the mind.

----Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. Wow! Those are awesome gift baskets. They are going to LOVE them! Wonderful job. I love the quote you put with it!

  2. I like the quotation, too except for the clause, "by nature we are winged insects." Huh? It'd be different if the next clause was introduced with a comma, then the honey-gathering of the mind would be an explanation. But there's the 'and,' meaning we're insects AND honey gatherers of the mind. Where's the metaphor in being a 'winged insect'?


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