Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's My Way

Life is overwhelming right now. I guess in particular, work is overwhelming right now. When I am overwhelmed, I tend to practice some serious avoidance. It's my way.

I applied for a grant a few months ago with absolutely no expectation of getting it, and in fact, did not want to get it. Of course, I got it.

Now, the budget needs to be revised, and I was informed today by my budget office that the sponsoring agent needs it on Monday the 29th "at the latest." Who has this expectation during Thanksgiving week? Someone dropped the ball on this one, but I am the one who must scramble to finish, all the while I am out of state.

On another note, I am tired of/annoyed with Google Blogger and the one-picture-upload ideosyncrosy, so I have been avoiding my blog as well.

On still another note, BonnieBlue has pertussis. In a weird way, I'm finally glad to know that this 7-week cold has been for a reason, but annoyed that the doctor poo-poo'd the idea of pertussis when we took her in 2 weeks ago. "Just a cold." Helluva cold that lasts 7 weeks. Today she coughed so hard she threw up. Poor baby. I would gladly take on an illness if it meant my child would not suffer it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, but especially my one-and-only reader.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Congrats on your grant. They are a pain in the ass in some ways. Dave always told me, "Don't write them for the money. Only write them for a project your really want to do, because they're too much of a pain in the ass to deal with otherwise." So true! It will be a great learning experience for you!

    When I was pregnant with Elsa, I had such a bad cough that I would have to sit on the toilet when I had a coughing fit, lest I wet my pants. The nurse who I complained about it to when I went to the doctor said, "It's just from some post nasal drip you appear to be having. Take Sudafed, it's safe when you're pregnant." Took it a few times, it didn't work (as it never does for me anyway). Was still coughing a few weeks later and went to the doctor again. She said, "how long have you had this cough?" I told her, "going on 5 weeks." I told her about my interaction with the nurse. She was so pissed. She said the nurse never told her about that back then, and she would have been more concerned. At this point, she was afraid I had pneumonia. She actually sent me for x-rays of my chest. You should have seen the x-ray technician's shock at having a pregnant woman x-rayed. But the doctor said it would be far worse to let pneumonia go undetected than the risk from the x-rays. Turns out I had walking pneumonia or bronchitis or something. Can't remember now. It was really pretty bad for a while. Much better after I got treatment! Hope Bonnie Blue gets good treatment now, too.


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