Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New quilting project

Ok, I decided to give up on the Snowbound quilt (snowman block-a-month) that I found via my friend Mother Pea, who follows an unholy number of quilting blogs. Every once in awhile, when I have some extra time, I stalk a blog or 2 from her site. I must remember not to do this because everytime I do, I find a project I want to start.

Snowbound can be found at Bunny Tales. It has applique for each of the 12 blocks, and I don't know how to do applique yet. I'm learning, bit by bit, but I'm an odd bird when it comes to quilting (I think). I think I'm a smart cookie, at least as far as book-learning, yet I find I cannot learn anything about quilting from a book (or blog, etc). It's an okay starting point, but generally I find that the author/blogger assumes the reader knows more than I do, so I'm always trying to figure something out.

Back when I started quilting, I was doing it "by the book" and found it frustrating as all get out. About a month or 2 in, I went to the Gee's Bend Quilt show at the Cleveland Museum of Art. After that experience, I decided I would never be a perfectionist quilter and likely would never attempt any quilt that required my points to match up. I even resolved to forgo patterns, but I've since come down off that ledge.

Anyway, until I figure out applique, meaning I have time to sit down a few hours a day a few days in a row to work through the process, I need something easier. I'm following a free motion quilting tutorial at A Few Scraps, but I do so enjoy piecing, so I want to start another project while I'm working on free motion quilting the one quilt I have right now. By the way, I intended that quilt (see earlier posts for pictures) to be for BonnieBlue but it turns out she loves the color blue (hence her pseudonym...thank goodness is goes with my Scarlett theme), so I think I'll make her another in shades of blue (the current quilt is green and yellow).

Back to topic, I want to start another project and ran into this at ErikHomemade. It's a mystery Christmas quilt project - cool!

Changing topics, tonight is our last night at the beach. We sort of last minute rented a beachfront condo on Emerald Isle, which is now a 2-year tradition for our little family. Every time I sit down to hop on the computer, I don't have the camera or the card reader handy, and my will to update with a new post goes out the french doors with the ocean breeze. Perhaps when I return  home, I will post pictures AND my fabric choices for the mystery quilt. I am practically giddy with anticipation!


  1. Hey, that looks like a fun project! Good for you. I know what you mean about applique. When I first tried it, I got frustrated and put it away. I am still no good at needle-turn applique. When I get my post up about how to prepare the shapes, I think it will be helpful. See what you think. I want to do that Snowbound quilt, but I'm going to have to save it for next year. I have too many other projects I need to finish first. I cannot wait to see your fabric choices for your quilt and your vacation photos. Where is Emerald Isle? Do you have a good quilt shop in town where you could take an applique class? That's what got me over the hump. I took some classes with friends. I can show you a variety of methods, if you'd like.

  2. The idea of taking a class kind of turns me off, though I really don't know why. Besides, I don't have time during normal people hours. I'm going to save the Snowbound til next year, too. I fully intend to machine applique it, which I would think is easier in many ways. What I don't get is the entire process up until the actual applique.

    I actually had to go out and buy some fabrics for the mystery quilt because I don't quilt enough to have many scraps. I'll be posting my fabric choices soon.

    Emerald Isle is one of the North Caroline Outer Banks. Beeeeyuuuutiful


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