Saturday, July 28, 2012

The TV is on Vacation

One week ago, BB watched about 7 hours of t.v. because of how much I had to do.

I am a bad mom.

That night she was crabby and cranky, so I made the decision that the t.v. had to go.

When Rhett and I met, neither of us had a t.v. By choice, not poverty. My how times have changed.

I told BB that the TV would come back when she learned how to read.  The first couple of days were great. She's definitely been spending more time with books. Then one day I had a meeting I had to take her to, so I took the iPad.

It has now crept into the #1 time-sink spot. It appears that I have to send the iPad to the beach, too.

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  1. E. watches too much TV during the summer, too, so I can get things done. And she's crabby every time it happens. It's bizarre! So, I take it away for a while, too!


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