Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Been busy? Me, too! So much to share, so little time. My biggest obstacle to posting is getting pictures uploaded to my computer. I need a better way.

Little Forest Quilt Along Update
I actually finished the week after Thanksgiving. Hanging it is another matter. Have I mentioned we have one - ONE - item hanging on our dining room walls and NOTHING on our living room and bedroom walls? At least the one picture we have is of Christ. That says something, eh? So, here it is:

Since it's not hanging yet, I photographed it on my table. Light is bad, sorry. Also, the different shades of off-white don't show up this much in real life. And in retrospect, I would totally move that last tree in the last row to the left one space.

Remember in an earlier blog when I said I was going for a vintage "this hung on my grandma's wall" look? And partway through I got nervous that it would look like grandma smoked two packs of Virginia Slims' a day? No worries... It totally looks like how I orginially envisioned. I love it! A reminder that I didn't use much red because it will be hanging on a red wall.

There are lots of imperfections, specifically, the corners do not line up. But I don't care. It's the rustic look I love. I have to tell you, though; it made stitching in the ditch quite the challenge.

Here's a close-up of that corner issue. Also, it resulted in some trees being too close to the binding (as shown here) but I didn't think of that as I was assembling the trees.

Another reminder: donated fabric! That's probably what I love most about it. It reminds me of friends and family. Can't think of a better reminder during the Christmas season.

Here's my favorite tree. I love this little plaid fella'!

And this one, too. This was the perfect background for a winter season piece. Reminds me of snow. I want to do a table runner (square, really) using this background only and red and green trees. Sort of do a boarder of trees all the way around and a big blank in the middle (of this fabric).

I'm really happy with this piece and so grateful to Mama Pea and Linda for hosting this QAL. Fun, fun, fun. And I finished! Woot!


  1. Way to go! I love it! Don't worry about the trees. In nature, they aren't perfect. It is wonderful, and I'm so happy you love it! Woo hoo!


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