Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cool weight tracker

My friend, Mama Pea, is starting a weight loss journey too, so I have a cyber/real friend going through the same trials and tribulations I am. She found this cool tracker that I copped. It's at

I'll update weekly as my own public posting, a strategy that should hold me accountable. I've done WW before, and I found the weekly weigh-ins and group meetings relatively helpful, but towards the end of a few years of that, not so much. Now I've joined WW online, so the "public" aspect doesn't exist. I'm hoping this will help. I've got to try something because I've been on WW online for 4 weeks now and after losing a couple of pounds, am back up to my starting weight. Sigh.

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  1. I know. WW doesn't help me any more either. I think the new program allows me too much flexibility and I just can't lose weight on it. I need a program that restricts me more, even though I enjoy it less. Good for you! Thanks for joining in with me. You only have half as far to go as I do, but every pound is hard!


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